Are Your Windows Secure Against Burglars

Are Your Windows Secure Against Burglars?

A top-quality security door will cause most burglars to lose interest in your home. But some are more determined than others and will look for other vulnerable entry points. First stop, your windows.

While every pane of glass is a potential entry point, some windows stand out as soft spots in your home’s armor and are worth considering ways to fortify with security screens, grilles, and other measures.  The weakest points are:

  • Windows or glass panels close to the main doorway or within the main door itself;
  • Ground floor windows concealed by privacy shrubs or hedges;
  • Glass doors such as bi-fold or French doors;
  • Any open or unlocked window.

Glass in or near a door

This could be a glass panel near the front door or a small window beside the laundry door. They might seem safe because they are too small for an intruder to fit through, but they provide easy access to a door that can be unlocked from the inside if it is not deadlocked. There is the added problem that if you have a period home, original stained-glass artwork in the door itself or in panels beside the door can be heart-breaking to lose and difficult to replace.

Many homeowners are reluctant to hide their beautiful feature front door behind a heavy security screen. The win-win solution here is to look at the extensive range of styles for cast-aluminum heritage grilles on offer at Jim’s Security Doors. Each style can be paired with lightweight or one-way vision mesh. Matching side panels can also be custom-made for side panels or nearby windows.

Concealed windows

That large hedge or shrub might provide some great shade and privacy, but it could also provide great cover for an intruder. Ensure any obscured windows are lockable and locked. You might want to consider replanting the area with smaller plants or perhaps a thorny shrub to give night prowlers a painful poke. The best protection however is a security screen and grille. This combination offers an extra layer of protection and one-way mesh provides privacy. Window screens and grilles from Jim’s Security Doors Melbourne are made to Australian Standards and tested for toughness against knife attack and pressure. Frames and grilles are also resistant to corrosion.

Glass doors

Glass French doors, glass bi-fold doors, and glass sliding doors are a beautiful way to bring light and fresh air to your living area, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors as Australians love to do. But are they doors or windows? Technically doors, but if they’re made of glass, they’re breakable like windows and can be turned into an entry point by someone wanting access to your belongings. Security screens and mesh doors can be made to fit sliding glass doors, bi-fold doors, and French doors. It’s great to be able to open glass doors for airflow while having the peace of mind that your house is still locked and secure.

Any open or unlocked window

Most of us are not as careful with upstairs windows as we are with those on the ground floor. You might feel confident that you can leave a louvered window or a small hard-to-reach window open for airflow. But any window is an opportunity for burglars, even if it is hard to reach. Be careful that there are no trellises, trees, verandas, or awnings that can provide easy access to a bold thief.  But the best way to make it m=not worth their effort is to install security screens. Large windows should have a combination of mesh and grille for the best protection while hard-to-reach windows will be well protected by a mesh screen that meets Australian Standards for toughness and durability. You also need to take advice from a property conveyancer who will advise you about security.

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